Treatment Services

There are many treatment services that Addiction Health Service can provide.

What we do

We have personal experience and professional expertise in the ins and outs of how treatment centres operate throughout the UK. We will only ever refer you to programs that we feel are appropriate for you and that provide comprehensive treatment. We always recommend programs, treatments and live-in rehabilitation centres that we are confident in. We always aim to support a patient’s full recovery journey.

Complete care and Support

Free Confidential Help
highly trained addiction experts
Highly trained team

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in addiction therapy and relapse prevention techniques. From drug and alcohol abuse to gambling and food addictions our team has the qualifications and experience to help you whatever the problem. ​

24 7 addiction support
24/7 Support

Fighting an addiction is a 24/7 battle. We are here whenever you need support, a helping hand or anything at all. You can contact us by email or social media. Our trained and experienced team are on hand to support you when you need it the most.

guaranteed addiction recovery
Guaranteed results

We will help you beat your addiction. No matter how long the process is we will help you achieve the life you deserve. We’ll be here from the very start, from getting you set up within a rehabilitation centre to continuing an outpatient treatment programme.

confidential addict
Completely Confidential

Our services are and will always be fully confidential. Anything shared with us is in the strictest confidence and we will only share information when specifically requested by you. Please feel free to contact us via email

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