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Addiction does not discriminate, anybody can find themselves in the grips of a drug, alcohol or other behavioural addictions such as gambling in order to cope with deeper psychological trauma or issues.

Addiction is not a reflection of a person’s character, poor decision making, weakness or lack of intelligence. Having an addiction is like having any other mental illness, it is a condition, a treatable condition that can be beaten. Like any other illness, addiction takes treatment and care to cure and that is where AHS comes in. We are here to help anybody suffering from addiction by offering advice, addiction treatment plans and pairing you with the perfect rehabilitation or treatment centre for your individual needs. We will be here every step of the way and offer complete aftercare, and help with the admissions process.

We offer a 100% non-judgemental and confidential service. You are not alone in your addiction, our service is 24/7 so we are always available to give a helping hand.

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