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Addiction Treatment Centres in London

Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or have a loved one that requires support we’re here to help. If you live in London or the surrounding area we can assist you with the search for help that you require. Our qualified team will take you through the steps to find an addiction treatment centre near you and guide you as you begin the rehabilitation admissions process making it as stress free as possible. We’ll talk you through the costs of the addiction treatment and support you every step of the way.

Step by Step Recovery

Covering London, Step By Step Recovery offers a unique, bespoke approach to personal recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, behavioural problems, substance misuse and co-occurring/dual diagnosis illnesses. 

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Which Rehab

Which Rehab provides expert advice and guidance to help people find exception, affordable addiction treatment. We want to help as many individuals that are struggling from alcohol, drug or a behavioural addiction as possible. The key to overcoming addiction is in accessing the most appropriate line of treatment for you as an individual.

PCP Clapham

PCP Clapham drug and alcohol rehab in London offers a luxurious treatment experience at an affordable cost. This is one of the smallest of their addiction rehabs, specialising in flexible recovery programmes that treat all manner of addictions, including alcohol, legal and illicit drugs, prescription drugs and behavioural addictions.

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