Behavioural Addictions

Addiction on the border between compulsivity and impulsivity

The effects of a behavioural addiction

There are many types of behavioural addictions

Eating disorders (food addiction), sex and co-dependency, shopping, gaming and gambling. These types of addiction can often not be taken seriously and people usually self-diagnose, blaming them on an ‘addictive personality’ or an individual’s bad habit. However, it is extremely important that this pretence is revealed, so that those suffering from behavioural addictions can seek help that they sorely need without the fear that they might not be taken seriously or be ridiculed by those around them. Behavioural addiction is just as gripping, all-consuming and life-threatening as a substance abuse disorder.

Behavioural addictions vary and can be hard to recognise

Behavioural addictions can be difficult to spot, there are less physical symptoms than with substance addiction. If you’re worried about someone don’t dismiss it as a phase, try to offer them a helping hand – your compassion could be exactly what they need. Feel free to contact us for advice on how to do this.

Rehabilitation programmes and treatment centres can help to stop substance abuse and destructive behaviour, as well as find the root cause of the problem.

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