Addiction health group

Whatever the addiction is that you are suffering from, we are here to help. That's why we've created the addiction health group.

Our Addiction Support Group Initiative

We have a large team of experts and support members here at the Addiction Health Service. We like to call them our addiction angels. Our aim is to marry our experienced individuals with the very people that need it.  That’s why we’re creating our new membership club.  Our club will allow anybody, from any walk of life to get the support that they need in order to beat addiction. The best part – it’s all totally online so we’re able to help any person, from any part of the UK, or even further afield.

How will Addiction Health Group work?

Step 1

You’ll be asked a few questions to start with. This will help our Addiction Angels to get to know you better.

Step 2

We’ll then be in touch with an introductory email and a detailed explanation of how the Addiction Support Group works. If you decide to join you’ll be asked for a small admin fee to cover our costs.

Step 3

You’ll gain access to our online support section where you can chat freely and securely and get help from our Addiction Angels.

Step 4

You’ll then receive our fortnightly email updates offering advice, support and real life actions that you can take to beat addiction.

Our group of Addiction Angels will support you and guide you through your steps to recovery, and the best part, we’re here whenever you need us. We speak to many people who feel that they need help with addiction but can’t find the solution to fit their lifestyle.

Whatever the addiction is that you are suffering from, our Addiction Angels are here to help.

To get started we need you to answer a few simple questions, click the button below to start your questionnaire. Your answers will be passed to our team of mentors.

Once you’ve had answered the questions we’ll be in touch instructions on how to become a member.

online support

Addiction support from the comfort of your own Home

Get help for yourself , a loved one or a friend.

If you are unsure whether you yourself are addicted or if you think a friend or family member may be addicted  few signs and symptoms of addiction are as follows, take a look and if these are applicable to yourself, a friend or family member contact us for help and advice:

  • Feeling the need to take the drug or carry out the behaviour to deal with problems.
  • An obsession with a substance or behaviour, spending more time and energy finding ways of getting that high.
  • An individual with an addiction may take risks to obtain the substance or engage in the behaviour.
  • A person with substance dependence might give up some activities that previously brought them joy. For example, a person with nicotine dependence may decide not to meet up with friends if they plan to go to a smoke-free pub or restaurant.
  • With either addiction type, the individual may become secretive and seek solitude in order to partake in the activity or drug without facing the judgment of peers.
  • “I can quit anytime I want to” the individual, more often than not, could be in denial of the extent of their problem.
  • Excess abuse and consumption leading to severe health issues, which may even lead to an overdose.
  • Lacking emotional responses to anything but the substance or activity, leading to isolation from peers and family. Or in some cases extreme emotional responses (i.e anger) when confronted about the problem, also leading to isolation.

If you feel that our Addiction Angels can be of help to you then simply answer the questions below to get started.