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Advice On Addictions

Getting you back on track and giving you your life back

Our team of qualified experts at Addiction Health Care can offer advice on a wide range of addictions including substance abuse and behavioural addictions. We also offer advice on stress, anxiety and depression rehabilitation and can help in referring you to a rehabilitation centre that will meet your specific needs. Whether it be for drugs, alcohol or behavioural addiction. 

To get advice from one of our expert team members please contact us, if you are addicted, if your family member or friend is showing symptoms of addiction or if you are going through withdrawal. We are available 24/7.

highly trained addiction experts
Highly trained team

Our team is completely qualified and experienced in addiction therapy as well as relapse prevention techniques. From drug and alcohol abuse, to gambling and food addictions our team has the qualifications and experience to help you no matter the problem. ​

24 7 addiction support
24/7 Support

Fighting an addiction is a 24/7 battle. We are here whenever you need support, a helping hand or help with admittance. You can contact us by email or via our social media. Our trained and experienced team are on hand to support you when you need it the most.

guaranteed addiction recovery
Guaranteed results

We will help you beat your addiction. No matter how long the process is- we will help you achieve the life you deserve. We’ll be here from the very start, from getting you set up within a rehabilitation centre to continuing an outpatient treatment programme.

confidential addict
Completely Confidential

Our services are and will always be fully confidential. Anything shared with us is in the strictest confidence and we will only share information when specifically requested by you. Please feel free to contact us via email

Help and Advice From AHS

Getting you back on track and giving you your life back

As well as offering advice, help and referrals to past and present addicts. We also offer support for families and friends of an addict. You can contact us for advice on how to help your loved one and help to select the correct support programme for them. Asking for help or advice can be a scary step to take. At AHS our main priority is your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing. Alcohol and drug detox programmes are crucial to this process and we will endeavour to refer you to the treatment programme where you or your loved one will be most comfortable.

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