Couple’s before and after photos of beating meth addiction

Today the BBC covered recovering meth addict Brent Walker. When he posted before-and-after photos of him and his wife on Facebook, he hoped to inspire change in old friends.

But when, 10 days later, they had been shared almost 200,000 times. Brent, of Tennessee, was pleasantly surprised.

In the “before” photo, Brent and Ashley are at the height of their addiction. The “after” one was shot last month, as they celebrated three drug-free years.

He wrote: “I hope… my transformation can encourage an addict somewhere.”

“It is possible to recover,” he added, underneath the pictures.

The couple lost custody of the five children they had between them. Ashley went into rehab but relapsed, and Brent was in and out of prison on dealing and possession charges.

brent meth addiction
Brent as a meth addict
brent after recovery
Brent and his wife now

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